Monday, June 30, 2014

House of Neotar, a promotional review

    I was approached by author K.L. Abbott in regards to a story entitled House of Neotar. The request was a bit different than I'm used to, but one I'm glad I kept an open mind to it. The House of Neotar is actually an excerpt from a story entitled Kindler of Flames which is part of an even bigger series Abbott is soon to publish.

     I've been approached for excerpts before, most of them the same unfinished 10 pages that many send out to agents and after reading and realizing how not ready they are I contact the author and scrap the project until a later date when they are closer to publishing. So when Abbott approached me in regards to reading an 8-chapter portion in the center of her book I was skeptical to say the least, particularly when told the story lacked the main protagonist. Despite my skepticism I'm more than glad I decided to move forward with reading this story.

     Those of you that frequent my page know that I like to write my own short synopsis of the early portion of a story, highlighting some of the particulars that draw me to the story. I feel that the synopsis of this part of the overall story is told better than me by the author herself:

"Driana and Zelphinae go to live with Dmitri and Nreid in the House of Neotar, where bonds are shared, and then shattered; where the past is remembered, the present revealed and the future lays in ruin. In a world of deception, intrigue and powerful secrets, three young children must survive the great danger that connects them all, to save themselves and the ones they love."

    Since this is an excerpt I'm going to do my review portion a bit different. Instead of an official "What I liked" portion I'm going to skip straight ahead to the ratings portion. *A note this is based on the excerpt alone. I will be doing a follow up review once the story is published next year.

     9/10 for readability - Its apparent from these 8 chapters that Abbott is a very strong writer. Her writing paints a wonderful picture of the world she has created all the while it moves at a smooth pace that keeps you turning the pages. If the full story continues this pattern it will be a wonderful read, as a whole.

     XX/XX for story - Being that this is only a portion of the overall story, there is no real way for me to rate this story. The 8 chapters is told well and is solid, but without seeing more I cannot give it a true rating.

     9/10 for characters - All the characters from this excerpt share one common trait, they're all wonderful. Each one has a depth to him/her that leaves a memorable stamp. Being that these 8 chapters lack the main protagonist, I'm more than excited to see who there is to meet beyond the few I've met so far.

     A big thank you to K.L. Abbott herself for contacting me regarding this excerpt. I'm more than excited for the finished product and I will be doing a full-review next summer when its released.

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  1. K.L. Abbott is an extraordinary writer, and author. I am patiently waiting on Kindler of Flames. It seems like a very interesting, and exciting read.