Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Father's day giveaway.

     My wife and I decided to do our family's Fathers day festivities on Saturday this year. Each year since my son was born, he's three now, we end up spending most of every holiday at our parents' house. 3-4 hours with her parents 3-4 with mine and the next thing you know we ran out of time to open up Christmas gifts, find Easter eggs or baskets or find much time to relax on Mother's or Father's day.

     A thought occured to me while we were planning our Sunday, why not do a book giveaway? A chance to give a father in your life, or yourself, an indie book.

     I was going to pick out a few different books I've reviewed that I feel would be good for fans of multiple genres, but instead here is a breakdown of some of my favorites from the different genres they represent.

     To enter, simply leave a comment on this post with what book you would like a chance to win. For anyone who does not have a Google+ account, please feel free to email me at and put "Father's day giveaway" as the subject.

     All entries need to be received by Saturday, June 11th at noon U.S. Eastern Standard Time so I can contact the winner and get the email address for the receipient of the book.

     Winner will be choosen by random drawing after the contest closes and the winner will be contacted by 3:00 the same day.

     Any questions or comments please feel free to email me.

*Both links in the horror section take you to my Halloween post.

Let me know if any links are broken or taking you to a different title. I did leave out a few titles that are traditionally published works.

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