Saturday, November 16, 2013

Affinities by Chris Hollis

   There are so many different things we all chase after in life; some of us want money, family, an ideal job, I feel safe to say that if you're reading this getting published and having your story on the shelves in bookstores around the country. I'm sure there are a multitude of desires that I don't have the hundred years it would take to conceive and put here. There is one, again of many, that each of us shares...a second chance.

     Affinities by Chris Hollis opens on Andrew; a young man with a major dilemma. Every day he wakes up in his apartment, at the same time, with a blistering headache and no recollection of the  day(s) that have past since he was forced to sleep in an almost narcoleptic fashion by an unknown adversary.

     As the days pass and Andrew's attempts at escaping become more daring, even landing him outside his girlfriends house in the bushes before sleep takes him again, he begins piecing together what is going on and even gets the name of his assailant. This is where the story begins taking its first big twist, and we meet Daniel.

     Daniel has bigger problems than Andrew, because Daniel isn't himself anymore. Due to something that drew the two together two years ago Daniel is slowly taking revenge on Andrew for a wrong the man feels needs righted. Utilizing drugs and other means he maintains control of Andrew and slowly destroys his life while he tries to put his back together.

     The twists keep coming as more about the two's relationship to one-another is revealed, and more and more loved ones become affected on both sides. Finally Daniel is presented with a choice to either end both men's lives or to forgive the past and allow Andrew to move on in peace.

     Hollis put together a strong story that is both strong in its delivery and feels new. This story is full of great pros to reading it, some are:
  • The story, while not necessarily totally new, is unique and well written. Hollis does a wonderful job setting himself apart with the way he twists and turns the story, making you second guess what you think is happening throughout.
  • There is a flow to the story that makes it easy to turn the page as the transitions from chapter to chapter seamlessly.
  • The characters all have a very unique voice, this voice carries into one certain aspect of this story that displays a talent of a very seasoned writer.
     Whenever I read a story written as well as Affinities I try and knit pick as much as possible to find even one 'con' to reading the story. Once in awhile one of these stories really doesn't have a downside, and this is one of them.

     In the end, Affinities by Chris Hollis is a solid, action packed thriller that provides a bit of mystery and plenty of suspense. It is well written and filled with a cast that emotes off of the pages. I highly recommend picking it up for any thriller/suspense fan.

     Overall I'm going to give this story a 9/10 based on:

     9/10 for readability - As I mentioned above the story flows wonderfully. Each transition between parts, chapters and paragraphs is easy on the eye and makes it hard to put it down.

     8/10 for characters - There is a relatively small cast of characters in this, and an even smaller amount of ancillary characters. Each character, however small a part, is an emotionally charged individual. You'll find yourself wanting to know each one's story and who he/she is, but you will find yourself able to know exactly what they're thinking just based on the intricate way each one is written.

     8/10 for story - The story itself is in some ways a classic thrillers, but it takes you on a journey filled with twists, turns and second guesses. Though the story feels like a classic, the storyline is very unique and in no way is it a carbon copied thriller.

     9/10 for twists - I feel like the x-factor in this story is really the twists. This isn't like an M. Night Shamalan tale where the twists throw something new into the mix that doesn't fit; instead the twists in this story redirect you in a sort of slight of hand fashion that keep you guessing who is who and what is what.

     A huge thank you to Chris Hollis for contacting me about Affinities. I found it a wonderful book and highly recommend it to anyone looking for their next great read.

If you'd like to pick up a copy of Affinities for yourself click here.

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