Thursday, August 8, 2013

First post: up and running

Thank you first off for taking the time to check out my reviews. Each week I will be taking a book by an indie or self published author and doing an indepth review. These reviews are not paid reviews, and as such will not always be glaring and wonderful. I do get permission from each author I review, just as a curtesy.

These obviously serve multiple purposes, for me I get the wonderful expereince of reading new and exciting stories that could miss the mainstream. The authors get a free, open and honest review of their work, of course this can be counter productive but before I even get started posting reviews I'll admit that I can be wrong and just because I don't enjoy something somebody else will enjoy it. Lastly I will be rating the books on a ?/10 scale at the end of my review for all around readability and whether or not I would recommend the specific book (just because a book gets a 2/10 it may have enough saving graces to be worth the read as we all know).

As of now I'm going to stick to a once a week posting until I get more into the swing of things, then I'll probably move to a more bi-weekly pace.

I do work solo and I read the story in its entierty, not just based on the first few chapters.

Lastly if you have a story/book that you would like me to do a review on, all I ask is you contact me via email and post me a link to your story. I'm trying to stick to Indie authors who don't get a lot of publicity but I will be more than honored to do one for you, if time allows. I don't take money for reviews, and currently I'm doing ebook reviews only. If you have a paper/hard cover only book let me know and I'm sure I can work with you.

I want to thank you again for taking the time out to read my reviews and feel free to comment on any of my posts, especially if you've read a particular story that I've reviewed and disagree/agree with me.

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